Welcome to the Pentest Training site
Pentest training is a simple website used as a hub for information revolving around the varies services we offer to help both experienced and new penetration testers practice and hone their skills.

We offer a fully functioning penetration testing lab which is ever increasing in size, complexity and diversity. The lab has a fully functioning Windows domain with various Windows OS's. There is also a selection of Boot2Root Linux machines to practice your CTF and escilation techniques and finally, pre-built web applciation training machines.

We also provide a handful of mock exams that have been created by us to create as close to real world exam relevant to its counter part as possible. The exam questions are taken from past exam papers and the timings and marking to each one are as close as possible if not exactly the same

We also run a security forum. This forum uses a ranking based system, this helps to prevent the spammers and makes sure that only people with the relevant skill level can access more potentially dangerous but more fun documentation and training

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Become a Patron!

Whilst this service is offered to you all for completly free. There is still over head costs to running the servers and the personal development time going into it to make this service available.

If you find this site and pentesting lab useful and has saved you time and resources from loading your own and you feel like you want to give somethign back. Then consider becoming a Pentest Training Patreon!

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