Connecting to the VPN (Download:
Accessing the pentest lab is as simple as creating and account and downloading the VPN configuration files. We recommend using OpenVPN since this is free and very easy to use.

You will need an active VPN account from us in order to connect. You can request an account here


To install OpenVPN on Windows, simply download their binary package:

Once you have the config file, unzip this to your openvpn configuration directory. The default location is:

"C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\"

However this may differ for you so please simply find your OpenVPN defautl install directory.

If you create a folder in this directory and extract the zip file your to it, OpenVPN will still detect the files.

This is a good way to keep organised and reducing the risk of overwriting any files. Particularly, the most common CA.crt


To install OpenVPN on Ubuntu or CentOS, simply use the following:

"sudo apt-get install openvpn"


"sudo yum install openvpn"

For linux users you can simply put the config files anywhere and simply run the following command

"openvpn /path/to/"

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